Cycle Controlled Lathes

You don't need to miss complete manufacturing of your part when using cycle controlled lathes. WTO has developed a flexible tool holding system for these machines which enables using driven toolholders for drilling and milling besides the classic turning operation.

The flexible tool holding system uses a basic toolholder block with quick change system which will be installed on the cross slide of the lathe by the machine tool manufacturer.

The basic toolholder block is equipped with an external drive motor for the driven toolholders. Toolholders for turning operations as well driven toolholders can be manually clamped in the same quick chance system

Advantages of the WTO tool holding system:

  • Drilling, milling and tapping also out off the work piece center
  • High flexibility and fast tool change using quick change systems
  • Standard Basic toolholder blocks for VDI or Coromant Capto®
  • Different tooling systems for most Cycle Controlled Lathes available